move your contents claim forward quickly, easily, efficiently

The Experts In Contents

We specialize in thorough assessment, valuation and documentation of insurance claims contents. Whether a personal property or a commercial business loss, you can expect our service to be unmatched in delivering everything you need to move your contents claim forward quickly, easily and efficiently.
The Contents Package

The custom inventory spreadsheet is straightforward, comprehensive and easy to navigate. It features detailed item listings, damage assessments and reporting, properly adjusted sales tax, ACV related columns and matched photo correspondence. We also include price research verification based upon years of experience in appraising and research of market items, displaying the latest fair market replacements. Our tasks and spreadsheets are fully customizable to fit specific needs.

Full Evaluation

Our reporting process includes thorough itemization, accurate valuation, price support, photo documentation with easy correspondence, comprehensive layouts for the claim reviewing process and much more. We also provide an expert assessment on every item, evaluate and report the actual damages, followed by recommendations for recovery. Upon review, the user will see whether an item should be replaced or can be restored as well as the “how” and the “why” – a valuable tool in the adjusting process.

Cost Effective and Quick

You can always expect the quick turnarounds and product deliveries that we’re known for. Aside from our work ethic and consistent communication, our onsite assessments are instantly input into our digital spreadsheet, eliminating entire steps in the process. For these reasons and other valuable aspects of our contents packages, we are confident that our clients will experience a quicker, easier, and more cost effective contents handling.

Care and Integrity

There is much more to good service than just getting the job done. Personal experiences and interactions along the way matter greatly. We know how imperative it is that our clients and policy holders alike gain a positive experience from all parties during the claim process. Continuing our reputation of integrity and having had the privilege to be a source of comfort during challenging times, we treat all policyholders and their property with utmost care, understanding and respect.

Who We Are

The Expert Difference

With more than 10 years of experience in the insurance industry, we send out an expert to document the claim from start to finish. Whether big or small, we give every claim the expertise, competence and care that it deserves.

We have a history of servicing all types of contents claims, including high-end or up-scale personal property. References are gladly provided upon request.

We don’t just assign a “fill in” employee to your claim and rely on the latest software technology to “fix” it later on. Aside from the obvious host of issues with this model, it could also result in significant miscalculations, ultimately, at a loss to all parties involved.

  • Personal Property

    We service a variety of personal property contents claims, including high end and upscale homes.

  • Business/Commercial

    We service a variety of business and commercial contents claims of all types.

  • Diverse Clientele

    We have served a variety of customers, including adjusters, restoration companies, mitigation companies, attorneys and policy holders.

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